About Us

Department of Environmental Engineering, International University was founded in the year 2017 with the educational objective is to educate the quota of 30 environmental engineers in English language per batch. Our  team of teaching and project consulting, who all hold PhD degree in environmental fields, graduated from renowned ranked universities such as mperial College London, Kyoto University  (Japan), Chonbuk National University (South Korea), National Central University (Taiwan), and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Swiss).

Students of Department of Environmental Engineering are encouraged to engage in available research projects executed by their lecturers or register their own research projects with the consultation of their lecturers. With the teaching philosophy is to educate qualified engineers in environmental fields who have both knowledge and skills, the Department keeps seeking the cooperation and relations with environmental enterprises in HCMC and southern provinces. Some partners of International University in environmental research, training and consulting are:

  • Senco-Saigon Environmental Technology and Construction Corp
  • Moi Truong Viet Technology and Services Co., Ltd
  • Vietnam Resources and Environment Corporation
  • Institute of Environment and Resources, Vietnam National University – HCMC
  • Goshu Kohsan Vietnam Co., Ltd