About Us

The School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering was established on Sept. 14th, 2022 from the integration two departments, Department of Environmental Engineering & Department of Chemical Engineering. With the “job-ready” philosophy, the education program for chemical engineers and environmental engineers at International University is designed to meet the needs of the global labor market and for qualified engineers having practical, good English and proficient skills in the field of chemistry and environment.

The School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering aspires to be a place where quality and prestigious chemical and environmental engineers are trained. Chemical and environmental engineers trained in the discipline will be able to meet the needs of the global job market by applying basic knowledge to solve a wide range of problems in the industry. Engineers who graduated from International University’s engineering program can communicate and use English fluently, work well in teams, and adapt well to diverse working environments.

The School currently offer 02 undergraduate programs:

Chemical Engineering Program:

Program Code: 7520301

Entrance Exam Groups: A00; A01; B00; D07

Chemical Engineering Program Specifications – SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (hcmiu.edu.vn)

Environmental Engineering Program:

Program Code: 7520320

Entrance Exam Groups: A00; A02; B00; D07

EVE Curriculum from Batch 2019 – SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (hcmiu.edu.vn)