Green Valley Environment & Construction JSC – Environmental Compliance Consultant


Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA Commissioning Specialist

Working place: Headquarter in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.

Company size: 20 employees

Under the department: Environmental Engineering Compliance Department

Team size: 5 employees

Report: Head of Environmental Compliance Department

a.      Description of specialized roles

·        Scheduling and managing plans for investigating site, collecting data and preparing environmental reports

·        Preparing reports on environmental impact assessment (EIA)

·        Implementing Trial Operation procedure and Proposing EIA Commissioning

·        Preparing environmental monitoring reports

·        Preparing application for wastewater discharging license

·        Preparing application for groundwater extraction license

·        Preparing report for wastewater discharging

·        Preparing report for groundwater extraction

·        Protecting the EIA projects in front of the appraisal board, amending the project proposals according to the requirements of the regulatory agencies

·        Supporting the clients to properly comply with the Law on Environmental Protection

·        Support clients to prepare all necessary documents before inspections

b. Descriptions for cooperative roles

·        Take care of old customer files 日本藤素
and exploit more leads

·        Consulting customers about the company’s service forms

·        Support sales and technical departments to survey projects and set up quotes according to company form

·        Work under the direction and assignment of the Board of Directors and managers

·        Candidates who do not have experience with applications will be trained by an experienced head / deputy head

·       Build good relationships with the environmental management agencies: Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Management Board of the Industrial Park

·        Coordinate with the management board to supervise suppliers / subcontractors

·        Submit weekly reports to describe the progress of ongoing projects

c. Requirements

·        University degree, major in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Management

·        Proficient in Microsoft Office, reading comprehension and editing AutoCAD drawings.

·        Working independently, limited supervision time and regular training.

·        Minimum 3 years experience in preparing environmental proposals including:

·      During the interview, the candidate must explain their qualifications and work experience to the judging panel, including members of: HR / Recruitment department, company board of directors, chief engineer.

·    Conditions to be considered: Directly implemented on 05 EIA documents / Test operation and Completion of the environmental protection project. Candidates with experience in ministry-level applications are an advantage. Candidates participating in the recruitment with experience equivalent to the above requirements will also be considered.

d. Wage

·     Basic salary 10 – 18 million depending on experience and quality of work assessed through the recruitment and interview process.

·        Enjoy a percentage of the project, benefits are negotiable and clearly specified in the contract.

·        Allowances: meals + travel expenses

·        Has a 13th month salary or annual bonus

·        Working time: 8am / day, from Mon to Fri. Saturday, 4am in the morning

·        Probationary period: 2 months

e. Benefits and promotion opportunities

·        Get insurance from an insurance company

·        Being considered for salary increase 2 times per year

·     Employees are asked for their learning and personal development needs. To be considered for training, improving professional expertise and necessary skills.

·        Based on their working capacity, they can be considered for promotion to positions: Deputy Head of Environment Department at Head Office, Head of Environment Department at Branches. In addition, longtime employees are considered to become business partners depending on their expertise and aspirations.

f. Work environment

·        A dynamic and professional working environment, focusing on the in-depth development of each department / department.

·        Every week or every 2 weeks, the company organizes training courses on soft skills / working skills

·        Employees with the opportunity to develop languages: English, Chinese

·        Challenging expertise and working attitude

·        Promotes self-awareness of responsibility and time

g. Application

Apply now by submitting a form or send your CV through our email

4th Floor, 134/2A , 30/4 street, Phú Hòa wards, Thủ Dầu Một city, Bình Dương, 75000

0988 463 742


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