Programme Specifications for Environmental Engineering

  • Program title:
    • In Vietnamese: Kỹ thuật Môi trường
    • In English: Environmental Engineering
  • Program Code: 7520320
  • Type of Degree: Full time
  • Study period: 4 years (8 semesters)
  • Mode of study: Full time
  • Language of study: English
  • Awarding institution: International University
  • Name of the final award: 
English Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering
Vietnamese Kỹ sư Kỹ thuật Môi trường
  • Total Credits: 150 (excluding physical studies, national defense studies, intense English courses)

Consortium Subjects for enrollment selection:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A02: Mathematics, Physics, Biology

B00: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology

D07: Mathematics, Chemistry, English

Enrollment quotas: 30

Programme Specification