Research fields

Reasearch Team of Environmental Engineering – International University

Research members are lecturers of Department  of Environmental Engineering, International University, Vietnam National University – HCMC, who earned their PhD. degree in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan; spending many years in teaching and researching in environmental fields. 

No. Fullname  Email Degree Position
1 Trần Tiến Khôi PGS, TS Giảng viên
2 Nguyễn Thị Thủy TS Giảng viên
3 Trần Thanh Tú TS Giảng viên
4 Ngô Thị Thuận TS Giảng viên
5 Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Hải TS Giảng viên
6 Nguyễn Thị Thủy TS Giảng viên

Department of Environmental Engineering have employed 5 main research streams:

  1. Treatment of environmental waste
  2. Surveillance, analysis and monitoring of environmental engineering pollutants
  3. Renewal energy and sustainable development. Climate change mitigation and adaption
  4. Risk assessment of environmental pollutants to public and environmental health
  5. Novel material for treatment of environmental waste
  1. Water exploitation, treatment and supply
  2. Wastewater treatment and control system
  3. Hazardous wastes management and treatment
  4. Building of Water control system 
  5. Inspection and technical analysis
  6. Assessment of Environmental impacts
  1. Environmental Engineering
  2. Environmental Management
  3. Environmental Surveillance, Analysis and Risk Assessment 
  4. Climate change models and sustainable development. 

Department of Environmental Engineering have cooperated with :

  • New Technology Trading & Services Co., Ltd.
  • Tan Loc Technical & Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Bach Khoa Technologies, Trading & Services Joint Stocks Co.,
  • Green Resources Co., Ltd. Cô