Course Description (CHE)

16) Engineering Drawing

–  Number of credits: 3 (theory)

– Prerequisites/Previous subjects: no

–  Course Description: This subject aims at providing the abilities of understanding technical ideas on the technical scheme, the skill to construct the engineering drawing complied  with TCVN and ISO by hand and by using AutoCAD software. The subject provides the knowledge for using and geometrical construction with the drawing instruments and AutoCAD software, the standard of presentation of engineering drawing; base, standard, constructing and the skill of analysis, understanding drawing representation.

17) Applied Statistics

–  Number of credits: 3 (theory)

– Prerequisite: no/Previous subject: Calculus 1

– Course Description: This course aims at providing students basic knowledge on optimization, typical optimization problems and optimization methods/ algorithms. The course focuses on introducing students about linear programming and methods for solving linear programming problems. This is a very typical optimization problem that is applied in a great deal of technical fields in general and environmental field in particular. There are a lot of tools and software that support to solve linear optimization problems. Therefore, the course also introduces some software supporting to solve linear optimization problems. Moreover, the course will introduce some basic knowledge on nonlinear programming and it’s solving algorithms. Another content of the course is the application of statistics on data analysis in chemical engineering fields.

18) Applied Mechanics

–  Number of credits: 2 (theory)

–  Prerequisite: no/Previous subject: Calculus 1, Physics 1

–  Course Description: This subject presents the fundamental knowledge of equilibrium conditions of force system and the knowledge and skills of methods of calculation of strength of materials problems Tension and Compression, Torsion, Plane Bending, Combined Bending and Torsion; and the knowledge of transmissions of belt, chain, gear , shaft and drive shaft (bearings) in engineering.

19) Programming for Engineers

– Number of credits: 3 (theory) + 1 (practice)

– Prerequisites/Previous subjects: no

–  Course Description: This course provides the basics of programming and data structures in C programming language including basic data types, loops, branching, arrays, functions, recursion, strings, structures and pointers; introduction to abstract data types: lists, linked lists, binary trees; introduction to algorithm analysis: searching and sorting.

20) Principles of Electrical Engineering 1

–  Number of credits: 3 (theory)

– Prerequisite: Math 1/Previous subject: no

–  Course Description: This course covers the following topics: Circuit elements; Independent sources; Dependent sources; Circuit analysis in DC and AC steady state; Network theorems; Operational amplifiers; Power Computations.