IU Scholarships

Scholarship awarded by International University:

Admission Scholarship

  • Full scholarship (full tuition exemption for 4 years):  Students have entrance examination score ≥ 25
  • Partial scholarship (half tuition exemption for 4 years): Students have entrance examination scores ≥ 24
  • Scholarship Maintenance Requirements: GPA each semester ≥ 70 without any course fails (score of every subject ≥ 50)

Encouragement Scholarship

Each semester, top 10% of Students with highest GPA will receive scholarship from the IU

  • 4% students will receive full scholarship  (12.000.000 VND for Fall/Spring semester or 6.000.000 VND for Summer semester)
  • 6% of students will receive half scholarship (6.000.000 VND for Fall/Spring semester or 3.000.000 VND for Summer semester)

Minimum requirements:

  • Complete the Academic English 1
  • Register at least 12 credits for Fall/Spring semester or 6 credits for Summer semester
  • Semester GPA ≥ 70 (with no course fails in that semester)

Statistics of Environmental Engineering student scholarships

Statistics of Chemical Engineering student scholarships



Numerous scholarships funded by collaborative universities, institutions, organizations and industries, both national and international are  announced annually via emails, website and social networks.

More information about other scholarships: