Seminar: Thermochemical waste treatment

Subtitle: Detailed analysis of sulfur contaminants derived from air-blown fluidized bed gasification of waste tires
Presenter: Dr. Alen Horvat, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
Location: A1.303
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm, Thursday afternoon, 21/07/2022.
Contact: Dr. Ngo Thi Thuan (
About Dr. Alen Horvat:

Mr. Horvat has broad competence across disciplines including biofuels, solar thermal energy, food technology, agriculture, livestock production, waste management, bioplastics, microbiology, organic and analytical chemistry. His strong focus is international collaboration which is highlighted by visits of reputed international research groups in Norway, Colombia, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Vietnam (Botswana and Tanzania in 2023).
His current academic activities take place at the Energy Systems Engineering research group at the University Carlos III of Madrid. His current research line is tight to waste management. Seeking to understand waste management from different angles, such as social, personal values, economics, engineering, chemistry, microbiology, and ecotoxicology. Along with that, he is a lecturer for the “Thermal Engineering” course.
Mr. Horvat says: “With my enthusiasm, I would like to invite the entire IU-VNUHCM community to an open event, for an open debate on sustainable management of our wastes”.
At the seminar
Dr. Alen Hotward