Green Valley Environment & Construction JSC – Environmental Engineer


Technological Design, construction implementation and supervision

Working place: Headquarter in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Company size: 20 employees

Under the department: Environmental Engineering Department

Team size: 5 employees

Report: Head of Environmental Engineering Department

a. Description of specialized roles

·        Survey, take samples, analyze and jar test make comments about wastewater characteristics

·        Propose treatment technology, prepare ground layout drawings and technology diagrams

·        Calculation system (using pre-programmed excel file or similar)

·        Estimate, equipment quote/construction for wastewater treatment works

·        Deploy construction documents and construction plans

·        Work with contractors

·        Candidates proficiency in modeling software such as BIOWIN is an advantage

·        Submit weekly reports to describe the progress of ongoing projects

·        Manage project implementation progress using software such as Microsoft Project or similar software featuring Gantt Chart

·        Coordinate with the management board to supervise suppliers/subcontractors

·        Meet weekly to plan and report on progress of engineering projects

b. Description of cooperative roles

·        Actively arrange schedules to assist other departments in surveying environmental protection works (wastewater / exhaust treatment) to advise and propose necessary technology solutions for customers.

·        Join the use of the Company’s general management software to report and setting plans/schedule.

c. Requirements

·        Qualifications / degrees: Having an engineer degree in the fields of: Environment – Construction – Chemistry – Mechanical

·        Technical drawing, proficient use of AutoCAD or Revit

·        Minimum 3 years’ experience in designing, calculating, and estimating wastewater treatment works.

·        During the interview, the candidate must explain their qualifications and work experience to the judging panel, including members of: HR / Recruitment department, company board of directors, chief engineer.

d. Wage

·        Basic salary of 12 – 25 million depending on experience and quality of work assessed through the recruitment and interview process.

·        Enjoy a percentage of the project, benefits are negotiable and clearly specified in the contract

·        Allowances: meals + travel expenses

·        Has a 13th month salary or annual bonus

·        Working time: 8am / day, from Mon to Fri. Saturday, 4am in the morning

·        Probationary period: 1 month

e. Benefits and promotion opportunities

·        Get insurance from an insurance company

·        Be considered for salary increase once a year

·        Employees are asked for their learning and personal development needs. To be considered for training, improving professional expertise and necessary skills.

·        Based on working capacity, it can be considered for promotion to positions: Deputy Technical Department at Head Office, Head of Technical Department at Branches. In addition, longtime employees are considered to become business ·        partners depending on their expertise and aspirations.

f. Work environment

·        A dynamic and professional working environment, focusing on the in-depth development of each department / department.

·        Every week or every 2 weeks, the company organizes training courses on soft skills / working skills

·        Employees with the opportunity to develop languages: English, Chinese

·        Challenging expertise and working attitude

·        Promotes self-awareness of responsibility and time

g. Application

Apply now by submitting a form or send your CV through our email

4th Floor, 134/2A , 30/4 street, Phú Hòa wards, Thủ Dầu Một city, Bình Dương, 75000

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