MonTalk April 3rd 2023 – Dr Tran Nguyen Lan – Recent development of quantum chemistry methods for challenging molecules

On April 3rd, 2023, the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering – CEE has organized such informative and interesting seminar on the “Recent development of quantum chemistry methods for challenging molecules.” CEE would like to send our most sincere appreciation to our guest-speaker, Dr. Trần Nguyên Lân from the Department of Physics – International University – Vietnam National University.
The topic is mainly focus on the developing novel and improved methods, which some of them developed by Dr. Lân and his team. The importance of newer methods is solving much more complicated and challenging molecules, predicting their interactions/behaviors with other molecules. These quantum chemistry methods, which based on chemistry, math, physics, and quantum mechanics help researchers around the world to apply in various fields such as nanotechnology, biology, chemistry and much more.