Promotion Day of the Double-degree Program

To optimize the learning experience of learners in terms of knowledge acquired, training time, degrees received upon graduation, the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering happily announce the promotion day of the double-degree program at 9:00 am on 09/03/2023 at A2 lobby of International University.

When enrolling in a double-degree training program, students will improve and expand their knowledge, save time and money on training, and open up great opportunities in education, employment and career development. Therefore, the demand for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training is increasing rapidly in Vietnam and around the world. Keeping up with that necessity, the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering offers a double-degree program in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. From the fact that environmental engineering solutions are developed based on bio-physico-chemical processes, as well as many environmental quality analysis methods based on the chemical background, the field of environmental engineering and chemical engineering have a considerable share of similar and complementary content.

“Being only a 198-credits-and-5.5-years program, students can earn two engineering degrees, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The double-degree program promotion day on March 9 will be my opportunity to explain in detail and answer all questions about this double-degree program.” Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy, Vice Dean of Faculty of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

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